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About AlterSetour story

AlterSet has been founded in 2007 as software development company. In first 2 years company established cooperation with several partners in US and EU. Company was specialized to respond to client needs in short term and to provide agile teams of freelancers in various technology scope.

In early 2010 AlterSet established cooperation with 4 investors mostly from Australia and established office in Belgrade. First large project was development of commercial website - Jumponit.com. Team of 8 people successfully launched website in May 2010. In it's zenith website had more than 1.2 million subscribers daily. In late 2010, Jump On It made headlines when US group buying site LivingSocial invested in the company, taking a 31% stake for $5 million as a placeholder for an outright acquisition. Then in December 2011, LivingSocial senior executives returned to Australia to sweep up the remainder of Jump On It, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of LivingSocial ( full transfer estimates around $40 million).

This historical success fulfilled headlines in all Australian medias and bring Alterset in position to continuously be tech partner No1 for Australian investors and in period 2010 - 2012 to take role in several LivingSocial project worldwide, mostly in Australia, Middle East and Spain. During our almost 5 years tech lead in several Australian startups, company was dedicated to same group of investors strongly connected to Tank Stream Ventures, Right Click Capital and Nextec Strategic Capital.

In 2013 after Spring.me, our second big project in Australia, had been acquired by GRP Corporation and is set to list on the Australian Securities Exchange Alterset decided to came out to the market and to extend it's business for other partners and investors. For first time in 5 year, dedicated model is abandoned and company made it's first steps to operate in wide scope of business and It services worldwide.

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Our peopleagile development team

Scaling a team is one of the Alterset strength. We can apply agile arproach here as well, and increase or decrease the team in very short period of time. Whether you need part-time or full-time personel, we can act fast.

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We are always opened for your ideas. If you need expertise, consultation, development or you would like to setup development team. If you are investor or already running startup - AlterSet is right place to be. Do not hesitate to contact us because we are always ready to hear you and to help with our skills and experience.