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  • WEB applications and websites Our primary field of business is large scale website development and design. We are specialized for large and scalable multiplatform websites and applications. For small number of big clients we developed scalable websites usually on Amazon infrastructure with PHP, MySQL, No SQL, Redis, Mongo technologies behind and with classic and more sophisticated frontends like Angular or custom javascript frameworks.
  • Mobile apps Android and IOS native apps, phonegap, responsive websites with RESTFULL API backends.
  • Integrations Experts in social network integrations.This include all major social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, vkontakte.
  • Consulting / Team building Consulting services in terms of technology choices, system architecture and project management. Building of development team to meet your business/project requirements.

Our Projectsindustry superstars

  • Jumponit.com was best group buying website in Australia in 2010. Work on Jumponit project started in January 2010 and development started in February same year. Website has been launched 15th May 2010 after 3 months of development. Website is sold to LivingSocial in October same year ( 4 months after launch ). US group buying giant LivingSocial has acquired Australian start-up Jump On It, one year after taking a 31% stake in the company, in a deal believed to be worth around $40 million. Read more ...

  • Spring.me (formerly known as Formspring) is a social media network for meeting people and starting conversations. The beta was launched in July 2013, with the public site launched in September 2013. The Spring.me team is based in Silicon Beach Los Angeles (USA), Silicon Beach Sydney (Australia) and Silicon East Belgrade (Serbia)Read more ...

  • LivingSocial.com.au After LivingSocial take over Jumponit.com our development team fully continued to work on projects related to LivingSocial social media appearence. In period of 8 months we developed several facebook applications and Social Media Application Manager (SMAM) as standalone product. Read more ...

  • Letsbonus Merchant Portal In period from July to October 2012 team has been active on developing intranet merchant portal application as back office for LetsBonus merchants. This application has been used by merchant to validate vouchers and to track all statistics about published deals.  Read more ...

  • Helpa Developed in period from October 2012 to June 2013. Product is fully completed but never launched. Investor priorities moved toward Spring.me project. Helpa is one of the project we really loved and we hope it will be launched soon! Read more ...

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Angular and data bindings

February 26, 2013

You hear a lot about data binding in AngularJS, and with good reason: its at the heart of everything you do with Angular. I’ve mentioned data binding more than a few times in my guides to directives and filters, but I haven’t quite explained the internals of how data binding works. To novices, it seems like straight sorcery, but, in reality, data binding is fundamentally very simple.

Why chooseAlterset?

Our experience is crucial benefit in work with us. In last 7 years we worked on very "pioneer" projects in terms of technology and products. Huge experience in team and project management is real time and money saver. Our developers knows exactly what needs to be done even before you are aware of it - so no surprises with us - no hidden costs and no disappointment.
Few last projects and 5 years we worked with Australian partners. Huge time difference was big challenge for us as for our partners. 5 years period speaks by itself - yes we were online for teams in Australia on daily basis at the time they prefer - we were online always.
Our business philosophy is to work on exciting projects which usually leads to big financial benefits for our partners. If partner earns money - we are here to share success. If partner is in startup push - we are trying to be best service no matter of money - because we pick projects WE BELIEVE IN.