Empowering business growth & success with agile, scalable digital solutions

At Alterset, our mission is to empower businesses and individuals through transformative, cutting-edge technology solutions. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled value, fostering professional growth, and driving positive change. We strive to create lasting partnerships, nurtured by integrity and fueled by our commitment to excellence and innovation.


At Alterset, we don't just code; we build bridges to a brighter digital future. Every solution we craft is a testament to our unwavering commitment, heart, and pursuit of excellence

Igor Kovacevic FOUNDER & COO

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Who we are
  • European roots: A leading software company from the Adriatic, proudly serving since 2007.

  • Dedicated expertise: Experience, a history of delivered outcomes, and co-founder's unparalleled commitment.

  • People first: At Alterset, we prioritize and deeply care about our team's well-being and growth.

  • Our mission: Empowering through cutting-edge tech; fostering growth, integrity, and innovation.

How we do it
  • In-depth discovery: Deep dives into client needs with executive expertise and transparency.

  • Stewardship in management: Expert guidance from key personnel, synchronized and efficient.

  • Bespoke designs: Tailored solutions, informed by tech leaders, with clear communication.

  • Execution excellence: Under COO & CTO leadership, visions transform into triumphant deliveries.

COO & Founder at Alterset

Igor Kovacevic

"Over 15 years, Alterset has thrived not merely by adapting to change, but by driving it. We're deeply committed to every partner, client, and team member, believing in the power of collaboration, loyalty, and hard work. We envision a world where our transformative solutions set the pace, and where every individual finds their freedom and purpose with us. Here's to shaping the digital era, together."

igor kovacevic

At Alterset, we create transformative solutions that propel businesses into the future.

Our expertise spans a diverse technological landscape, allowing us to craft tailored experiences that align with your unique goals.

Custom software development

Tailored solutions with an edge. Stay ahead with evolving tech trends & bespoke software expertise.

Digital & Cloud transformation

Transition to the digital age. Harness cloud power, modernize legacy systems, & thrive.

Operational excellence

Scale with agility. From scalability strategies to resource optimization, we drive efficiency.

Rapid prototyping

Validate swiftly & innovate. From rapid prototypes to AI-driven automation, we make ideas real.

Data, analytics & AI

Harness data's true power. Turn vast insights into action with AI-driven analytics.

Design & Project Mgmt

Stellar UX meets precision. Designing intuitive apps & managing projects with excellence.

QA, DevOps & Security

Robust software, secure data. Ensuring quality, agility, and top-tier cybersecurity.

Trusted across industries.

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Transformative solutions

At Alterset, we don't merely offer services; we create transformative solutions that propel businesses into the future. Our expertise spans a diverse technological landscape, allowing us to craft tailored experiences that align with your unique goals.

Digital symphony

We orchestrate digital solutions that harmonize creativity with functionality. From intuitive user interfaces to robust back-end structures, our custom software development breathes life into your vision.

Strategic partnerships

We believe in collaboration, not transaction. Our dedicated development teams integrate seamlessly with your in-house team, providing specialized skills and resources to enhance your capabilities.

Adaptive innovation

In a world of constant change, flexibility is key. Our IT staff augmentation allows you to scale your operations and respond to evolving business requirements with agility and precision.