A Future-Proof Decision

Navigating the tech landscape demands a partner who values both innovation and genuine collaboration. With Alterset:

Trust comes first: Our engagements start with mutual respect, prioritizing partnerships over projects.

Innovate with us: We’re solution architects, turning challenges into groundbreaking solutions.

Enduring bonds: Our commitment extends beyond deliverables; we value long-term relationships.

Empathy in action: Behind every project lies a dream. Our human-centric approach ensures your vision shines brightly.

Setting the bar high: Pioneering standards, powered by passion, guarantee you industry-leading solutions.

Join us at Alterset: where your ambitions find the perfect technology ally. Let's build the future, together.

Trusted across industries.
CBO & Co-founder at Alterset

Milan Maksimovic

"My guiding principles are straightforward: honest and open collaboration paired with clear communication.

We aim for transparency in every project, celebrating our successes and learning from challenges. Our approach ensures that we work in alignment with your expectations, paving the way for a meaningful journey together. My commitment is to build genuine trust, recognizing the mutual value we bring to one another.

At the heart of our partnership, I believe in strategizing for the future, ensuring that our collaboration not only meets today's goals but sets the foundation for tomorrow's triumphs."

milan maksimovic

Our approach

Crafting Client-Centric Excellence Every Step of the Way.

At Alterset, every project begins with understanding and culminates in precision. Our unique approach, steeped in transparency and tailored solutions, ensures a partnership that's seamless, insightful, and poised for success.

1. In-depth discovery

Embracing each client's distinct aspirations, our immersive discovery phase dives deep into your needs. Leveraging expertise from our top executives and specialized teams, we guarantee solutions attuned to your precise requirements, all while championing transparency.

2. Stewardship in management

Your journey with us is under expert guidance. Key personnel, steered by company leadership, ensure our collaboration is synchronized, efficient, and exceeds expectations, providing a layer of trustworthiness throughout.

3. Bespoke solution crafting

Each project demands a unique solution. With insights from our technological leaders, we create solutions tailored just for you. All aspects, from budget to security, are transparently communicated, ensuring you're always informed.

4. Execution excellence

With a detailed roadmap ready, our seasoned teams, under the guidance of our COO and CTO, transform the vision into reality. This pivotal phase guarantees alignment in both technical and managerial facets, leading to triumphant project deliveries.

Client voices

Hear firsthand about the Alterset experience from those we've proudly partnered with.

Alterset's exceptional technical expertise, proactive communication, and commitment to meeting project objectives consistently exceed my expectations. Alterset is always a top choice for software services.

Andy Kwon
Andy Kwon

Coil Inc.

Styria operates, Slovenia's foremost online marketplace, and, the country's leading job portal. In collaboration with Alterset, we successfully launched in 2020. Currently, we're co-developing a new iteration of We regard Alterset not just as a business partner, but also a trusted ally in delivering top-notch market solutions.

Mitja Petan
Mitja Petan

Head of Product Development

Alterset has been an incredible help to OutcomeMD over the past few years. Their smart and communicative team embraced our software, data and security challenges and executed a clear plan to take us to the next level.

Justin Saliman
Justin Saliman

Founder & CEO