Domain: Social network

Client: Nabo

Nabo ( is a free social media platform that enables individuals and community organizations to instantly and directly connect online with others in their suburb.

Launched in December 2014, as a private, local social network that is used in more than 8,500 suburbs across Australia to help neighbors connect and get the best out of their local area.

Unlike other social networks, Nabo is specifically designed to assist residents within one suburb meaningfully connect with other locals that they otherwise may never have met. It’s a safe environment because individuals connect with residents in their area only, via hyper-local private websites. was aquired in 2018. by industry leader, Nextdoor, company valuated around $2.1B.

Before acquisition, Nabo was a private company owned by Adam Rigby (Founder and CEO), the Nabo team, Seven West Media, Fairfax Media, and Reinventure, an independent venture capital fund. operated only in Australia and it was covering the entire continent.

Our work

Alterset's role in this project was to build a social network from scratch.

Our team fully developed robust backend and website including back office as a fully customized solution. The team was in charge of development, part of the design and production and staging infrastructure including 24x7 support.

The tech team has been operating from Serbia and management, sales and marketing teams were located in Sydney.

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