Alterset Shines at Adria Summit 2024


🌟 At Adria Summit 2024, Alterset shined as a Gold Sponsor in the picturesque Savudria, Croatia. Our dedicated team, led by our Customer Success advocate Frank Dijkstra, delivered compelling insights into the significance of customer success strategies.


🎙️ Frank's presentation, "Unveiling the Significance of Customer Success at Adriatic Service Providers", captivated the audience, highlighting our deep commitment to fostering enduring client relationships through innovative solutions. His talk underscored the transformative impact of strategic customer success on building sustainable business landscapes, resonating deeply with attendees.


🤝 We extend our heartfelt thanks to the event organizers, including Zoran Torbica, Mina Smiljanić, and Sara Ševo, as well as all the new and familiar faces we connected with during the summit. The experience was enriched by:

  • 🔸Memorable networking at the sidelines, where casual conversations sparked potential collaborations and deeper connections.
  • 🔸Engaging discussions with fellow participants that offered valuable shared insights.
  • 🔸The vibrant atmosphere of the wine tasting and gala dinner, which added a special touch to the event.


Alterset's presence at Adria Summit 2024 was a testament to our dedication to innovation, excellence, and the power of strategic partnerships. We look forward to continuing these enriching conversations and collaborations in the future.

See you next year!