Domain: E-commerce

Client: JumpOnIt


JumpOnIt was the No1 group buying website in Australia. It operated in a period of global group-buying hysteria.

Jump On It made founders overnight millionaires.

With millions in revenue in just three months after launch - Jump On It was the best real-life example of how dreams may become true for its founders and all people who were part of it. Jump On It was founded in late 2009, by three Australian serial internet entrepreneurs Colin Fabig, James Gilbert and Adam Rigby. The business received its first round of funding in May 2010 via Nextec Capital, and then in November 2010 secured an additional $5 million in funding from the US group-buying giant LivingSocial for a 31% stake in the company.

Finally, LivingSocial has acquired Jump On It, one year later, in a deal believed to be worth around $40 million and that fulfilled business headlines in Australia.

Our work

Alterset's role in this project was to cover 100% of tech demands. Our team developed a website including admin as a fully customized solution. The team was in charge of development, part of the design and production and staging infrastructure including 24x7 support. The tech team has been operating from Serbia and management, sales and marketing teams were located in Sydney. The number of Jump On It staff was around 200 ( mostly located in Sydney ) + tech team in Serbia. Periodically, Alterset team representatives were visiting Sydney for meetings, celebrations and important company events.

Jump On It was one real dream story about success and Alterset is very proud of its role in it.

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