Domain: Social network

Client: Spring.me


Until a rebranding in 2013, it was known as Formspring, a question-and-answer-based social network launched in 2009 by Ade Olonoh, the founder of online form builder Formstack.

In May 2013, Spring.me acquired the assets of Formspring. Spring.me was officially launched in beta in September 2013 and launched publicly in November 2013.

Since its launch, the service boasted over 16 million registered members, 40 million monthly uniques and around one billion questions answered.

Spring.me was another player in the Q&A space piquing investor interest. Quora, another buzzed-about Q&A site, was much smaller at a modest 200,000 monthly uniques.

The company was established when Sydney-based Fabig, Ari Klinger, James Gilbert, and Matthew Cudworth acquired a former US-based social network.

Spring.me operated worldwide and it gained 1 million registered users in its first 45 days. Due to its sudden popularity, a number of websites quickly implemented similar features, such as ASKfm, Tumblr, and MyYearbook's "Ask Me" services.

Our work

Our entire work can be split into:

Cut the costs: We refactored the entire back-end part of the social network in order to decrease the number of servers required to run the platform. After our work, spring.me operated on 1/3 of the servers, even during highest peaks.

Rebranding: Product had new branding ready, new face, new logo, new name... We delivered a completely new front-end application written in AngularJS.

Integrations: In order to get new users as easy as possible, we integrated spring.me with most social networks available at the time. Few of them were: Facebook, Google+, VKontakte, Twitter.

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