Domain: Social network

Client: Oxygean


Our devoted team build, test, and refine user experiences based on years of solid research, not guesswork. We developed, designed and delivered a final product with a big success.

Oxygean is the community-owned social media platform that values your data, privacy and wellbeing. We create a friendly space where you can share meaningful content with like-minded people.

Oxygean is the best way to discover more about your personality. Watch real-life experiences and advice to boost and further develop your personal growth.

Our work

Alterset's role in this project was to build a social network from scratch.

Our team fully developed robust backend and website including back office as a fully customized solution. The team was in charge of development, part of the design and production and staging infrastructure including 24x7 support.

The tech team has been operating from Serbia and management, sales and marketing teams were located in Dublin.